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Hello, I am Jay - A freelancer website designer & developer based in Mumbai, India. I have been designing and developing professional websites for more than 3+ years. I can fulfill your major website designing & development requirement. Contact me to build your online website presence.

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Freelance Website Designing

by JAY?

As part of our high-quality freelance service, I would like to offer something extra too

Skilled Designer

Creativity At First

I believe every project is different which require unique and creative solutions for the best results.

Top Quality

Top Quality Website Design

What I promise is not simply design but rather a solution that works for your business. You get a fully responsive design no compromise on quality.

Fast development turnarounds

Fast Turnarounds

Speed matters no less than quality. I am fast, agile and capable of delivering top-notch quality code in a timeframe chosen by you.

Smooth workflow

Smooth Workflow

I know the ins and outs of Design, Development & Marketing. As a result, I can build an efficient and smooth workflow.

Responsive website

Friendly & Responsive

I know you are looking for a positive attitude, timely reactions, and flexibility. I am here to listen and give the utmost of my capabilities.

Non Disclosure Agreement

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Your artwork is fully yours and I would never claim otherwise. You get my word and my full willingness to sign an NDA.

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How Am i The

best Freelance Website Designer in Mumbai


I constantly strive to go beyond your expectations. Here is what more I can do for you

  • Prototype Preview

    I would like to present your website design in really functional model rather than just staitic design.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    The more thorough, clear, and straightforward the specification is written, the more design hours it saves us and the more money it saves you.

  • A to Z Process

    Need a fully functional end product and not just a design? Hand your specification over, we’ll turn it into a design, then code it according to your requirements.

My Freelance Design Process

Know the actual steps behind my UI design process


This is a preliminary stage: for a start we must get to know each other, discuss the tasks of the project and possible ways of implementation.

02 Research

After agreeing on the terms and scope of work, I conduct web research and analysis and select references for the successful solution for the project.

03 Wireframes

This is a schematic representation of page and blocks. This stage allows us to work out the structure, functionality and logic of user interaction.

04 Design

I develop the design of the desktop version of all pages in accordance with the design concept and the approved structure.

05 Adaptive

After desktop design approval I then start designing the mobile and tablet versions of all pages in accordance with design concept.

06 Final

You get the flawless interactive prototype along with all exportable designs assets files and Developer Notes.

Advantages of Freelancing

Here are few of the freelancing perks you get over the agency


Cost-effective pricing

More Expensive pricing

Specialized skills

General working ideas

Single Contact point

Cordinate with bunch of people to get updates

Involvement in creative process

Involvement in creative process

Flexiable Working Hours

Rigid working hours and No flexibility

My Recent Work

Have a look on what I have been upto and get inspired

The Flickk

The flickk is a team of highly skilled professionals who have in a short spell created a niche for itself. Its a one stop salon for entire beauty services.

Flying Saucer

Flying Saucer is an advertising, web and film production company based in Mumbai, India. Flying Saucer is known for its nuanced direction and contemporary storytelling. Developed a fluid animated webiste with clean minimalistic design.

What are they saying

I am really proud of the results that I have delivered for my clients

Letter S
Mental Health Therapist
5.0  Star Ratings

"If Jay is handling your project then the first thing you will experience is great sportsmanship. His calm demeanor sets the pace for a smooth project development. He is backed by a team of great website designers & developers too that will ensure support from start to finish. He is also up to date with the latest technology in his field"

Letter S
Smitha N
Project Manager
5.0  Star Ratings

"I have worked with Jay for almost 1.5 years. He is a brilliant graphic designer and his creativity goes well beyond any bounds I have ever seen. He is professional in his work and concentrates on minute details of the projects"

Letter A
Abhisingh Rajput
Head of Digital Productions
5.0  Star Ratings

"I think Jay has an excellence at Front-end Website Development. Got my desired work quickly and in very neat manner. Looking forward to work with you. I definitely recommend working with Jay"

Letter A
Krishna Choudhari
5.0  Star Ratings

"Jay is an extremely ambitious, hard-working, and talented Designer & Web developer. His work ethic, process, and the care he puts into his projects really shine through in the final product"

Why are they saying this ?

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Questions i get the most

These are the questions I get from you the most

  • As a creative designer, I create designs that are user-friendly and theme-oriented, which promotes every single element of a brand or the business idea discussed by the client.

  • Your artwork is fully yours and I would never claim otherwise. You get my word and my full willingness to sign an NDA for your project.

  • The design cost of anything depends on the customization of design needed by the client, just like the type of burger you go for in McDonald’s has a different cost.

  • Yes, I follow the specific instructions provided by you for the designs that I create. This also includes any brand guidelines.

  • Most of my design projects are completed within a week. How much input you can provide during the initial stages, your availability with feedback, how soon the content is ready – all this affects the speed of completion. Turn around time is usually based on the complexity of the design and animation involved.

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Creative web developer
Not just another average

Freelance Designer & Developer

I am an Ambitious Creative Designer and Developer who simply wants to make a difference with my work. Giving it all I’ve got while genuinely having fun is the formula helping me to face every challenge with a smile.

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Whenever, wherever. We're meant to work together.
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