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There is a lot of confusion, and people are often asking this question on which platform is better, Google Blogger or WordPress.I know a lot of people who loves Blogspot(Blogger) and even manage to monetize it and earn from it.At the same time, I even know a lot of people who switch from Blogger to […]

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There is a lot of confusion, and people are often asking this question on which platform is better, Google Blogger or WordPress.
I know a lot of people who loves Blogspot(Blogger) and even manage to monetize it and earn from it.
At the same time, I even know a lot of people who switch from Blogger to WordPress or even WordPress to Blogger as per their needs.
So check this explanation on Google Blogger vs WordPress.

If you want to know what Blogger is: Click Here for detailed explanation

If you are in the process of deciding on which platform can be or is better for you, then I will try to clear all your doubts and help you in a precise way to decide this.
Just to let you know, Over here, I will be talking about and not

I have worked on Blogger for almost a year and a half, so I have pretty much good knowledge about the Google Blogger as well as WordPress(currently hosted on this) to guide you with this topic.

Hence you will be able to make a decision on which can be better for you.
Everyone will have a different thought about this, the best what I can do for is Guidance.
Let me know your opinion in the comments below.
So we will compare some Parameters on Google Blogger Vs WordPress.
This will overall help you to decide which one can be suitable for you.

Costing of Google Blogger VS WordPress:


For the people who don’t know, Blogger platform is owned by Google.
If you want to host your website on Blogger, you do not have to pay anything and you can blog for free.
Blogger gives you a free blogspot subdomain for your blog. And also the hosting for your website will be on Google Platform.
So you pay zero for your Hosting and Domain.
Unless you want to add a customised third party URL to your site.


WordPress, It is a CMS(Content management system) hence, this is the place where you will only be able to able to manage your content or site without any coding knowledge.
Hence You will have to buy a third party domain and a hosting to get it worked on WordPress.

Hence when it comes to costing Blogger is a winner

Plugins of Blogger VS WordPress:


Blogger is very restrictive when it comes to Plugins.
There is very less or equal to no plugins options available for Blogger.
I remember, when I had to get some floating contact form and social shares options in Blogger, I was unable to find or get them from within Blogger.
In order to get the plugins, you need to have either coding knowledge, so that you can add it to the blogger theme, or you need to export the code from a third party and implement it on your Blogger site.
And then you will be able to see these addons to your blogger.
In shorts, it is very difficult to get the feature of Plugins to your Blogger site.


WordPress is the best when it comes to Plugins.
You will get thousands of Plugins in the WordPress directory,
And you can install them with just one click. There is no need to have any coding knowledge.
Installing a plugin in WordPress is as easy as installing an application in your mobile phone.

Ease in Use.


Well, as compared to WordPress, Blogger is at a much Beginner level.
Hence the interface or the dashboard about the blogger is very easy to understand.
If someone is new to the blogging, he will not feel it much complicated to understand the side toolbar or to create a blog or post.


WordPress on the other end is also very easy.
But due to the fact it has so many options available, it can at times be a little complication for a newbie to understand the overall interface.

However, if you are switching from a Blogger to wordpress, then you will find the interface of wordpress also very easy, since you are already aware of the basic jargons.

It can only be a little tricky for you if you are directly started with WordPress without any past experience of blogging.
It’s only a difference in inches.
This is just my point of view on the interface of blogger vs Interface of WordPress,
Let me know the comment below your opinion

Themes on WordPress VS Blogger.


Blogger has very limited theme options with limited features.
It has only basic themes, and you may not be able to build a professional website with those themes.

How to try to get a theme from a third party website for Blogger.
However, as per my experience, third party theme will still have some limitations especially when they are for free.
Especially broken codes and there will also be very less technical support.


WordPress, on the other hand, has thousands of free as well as paid themes, these themes are more professional than blogger themes. Which gives entire access and total control of theme.
Having total access over theme allows you to modify the theme as you want.

When it comes to themes, WordPress is definitely the winner.


WordPress Vs Google Blogger.

Seo on Blogger can be comparatively difficult as compared to WordPress.
The benefit of WordPress is that it offers great plugins like Yoast SEO and All in One SEO makes WordPress more SEO friendly.
It can be a great support if, you are new to blogging and have zero to less experience of SEO.

However, if you know the elements of SEO and if you know how to do keyword research SEO on Blogger can be equal to as same as WordPress.

Well, this is just my point of view, as I know many people out there who even rank on page one with proper keyword research on Blogger platform with specific words.

Technical support for Google Blogger VS WordPress


It is very easy to get support from the blogger.
You can reach out to the blogger community where you can reach out to them with your issue.
Moreover, since Blogger is very limited with the widgets and themes, hence if you have a third party theme or widget, the support assistance totally depends on the third party theme, plugin or widget provider


It is easier to get support from WordPress, it has the comparatively bigger community as compared to blogger.
Also if you have paid tool or plugin on WordPress, it offers your better response.
Some plugin provider also provides you with 24*7 support.

Updates for WordPress Vs Blogger:

Blogger and WordPress

You may not see the overall version of the blogger to update as frequent as WordPress.

The overall theme Blogger has remained the same until the frequent update apart from adding the new basic feature.

The future of blogging is totally dependent on google.
However, WordPress is an open free source and updates seems to always come up with better security and features over time.
Moreover, even the updates of installed themes and plugins are very frequent.
Since WordPress closely monitors all the plugins and theme in their WordPress directory and the developers always work on its bugs or updates.

Adsense Monetization for WordPress and Google Blogger:

There are a lot of ways on how you can ad monetize your website, but nothing can beat Adsense and we both know this well.
Hence here, I am only talking about Adsense


As per my personal experience, I have seen better monetization response from someone who owns a Blogger website.
I also started working on blogger before WordPress.
And I was able to get the Adsense approval within 45 days. (since I met all the requirement of AdSense guidelines)


Ad sense Approval can also be done on WordPress if you meet all the guideliness.

SSL certication:


You get a free SSL certification for Blogger.
Meaning you can change your blogger domain from HTTP to HTTPS for free.
Adding SSL(https) for blogger adds more security for your website.
Also, its a google product so you can trust on the certification blindly since its a Google product


You do not get SSL certification on WordPress for free.
You will have to purchase SSL certification from your hosting company to get the SSL certification.
And only then you will be able to change you Http to Https

My Conclusion:

Well for me it’s not about winning or losing.
Both are best in their own way.
However, it completely depends on the user and on his needs,
If you do not have a budget, or if you want to start blogging for free.
You can consider Blogger as your startup Idea.
However, if you want to get a little professional then choosing WordPress over Blogging can be a better decision for you.



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