How to decide between Business Website and a Personal website

Learn how to choose between a business website and a personal website with our comprehensive guide. Explore the key factors and considerations to make an informed decision tailored to your goals.

Business Vs Personal Website

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Before moving on to the basis of differentiation between personal and business websites, let’s talk about what Websites mean. A website can be defined as everything that its owner wants, for example, educational, informational, or maybe an online store for business. With the world moving towards being digital and virtual, having a website gives you the strength to run in the race and help you secure yourself in the competition.

It is important to figure out what type of website you need based on your needs. For that, you must understand the difference between a business website and a personal website.

Here are a few points that will help you to decide which one to choose when it comes to a Business website and a Personal website.

What is a Business website?

A business website is an indispensable part of your marketing plan. When you plan to take your business online, your business website becomes the heart of your business.

It is not merely an online store but a virtual representation of what you are dealing with and how you will meet your customer’s demands. Business websites serve you with platforms where you can provide general information about your company and advertise it on the eCommerce platform. It is more than important to understand the role played by your business website and to determine the way to express your business through it.

When you own a business website, it is acknowledged as having an online presence which is equivalent to begetting a high street store or a prominent and excellent office of your own. You can recognize your business website as your office address because your identification and association become more comfortable through your web address.

It is a collection of web pages and content related to your business details.

Examples of Business Websites I have developed

What is a Personal Website?

A personal website is a website that represents an individual person, typically showcasing their identity, achievements, interests, and portfolio. It serves as a digital platform for the individual to share information about themselves, their work, projects, blog posts, and any other content they wish to share with others.

Personal websites can range from simple online resumes or portfolios to more comprehensive sites that include blog sections, photo galleries, contact information, and more. They are often used by professionals, freelancers, artists, entrepreneurs, or individuals looking to establish their online presence and showcase their skills, expertise, and personality to the world.

It is easy to develop a personal website right from the time when the internet was introduced. Since hosting domains are available at affordable costs, people invest their time and efforts in developing a personal website and dedicate it to their profession or passion.

People create personal websites for many reasons. To share about their family function, keep in touch with their friends or family, or showcase their talents over blogs through their websites. Some artists and professionals also use personal websites for professional use.

It becomes easier to reach out to potential clients when you have an online presence and you have developed it in an excellent way.  A personal website is the best place to promote personal talent, business or personal endeavor.  With easy access to blogging sites like WordPress and Blogspot, people tend to unleash their talent and express themselves on the internet. It drives attention and helps generate leads and revenues.

The most common purpose of having a personal website is to develop a good audience base through blogs. Many of these personal websites are merely dedicated to cooking, traveling, teaching, beauty and skin hacks, or pets.

Examples of Personal Websites I have developed

  • Jay Mewada – Freelance Web Designer & Developer – A site to offer my website design & services for brands business.
  • Jayendra Patel Photography – A professional photography website to showcase Jayendra’s portfolio and the services he has to offer.

How are Business and Personal websites different?

Business websites are used by corporates as an essential part of their marketing strategy whereas, a Personal website is used by an individual to showcase his own talent and gain some recognition or popularity.

It is easy to determine whether a website is personal or business. Look for the person’s name in the URL, if it is a business website you will find the company or organization’s name. But in the case of a personal website, it will consist of a person’s name may be with a domain / URL extension of dot me.


Business websites lure potential clients whereas personal websites work for engaging the audience. Business websites may have pictures of their team and associates but personal websites have pictures of their own selves, family, or work they do.  It becomes easy to figure out the purpose of a website through its “Home page” and “About me” page.

Purpose of having a business website

A business website is designed and created with the sole purpose of making all the pursuits of a business easier for the company.

Offline business keeps you away from the majority chunk of the actual potential market. You keep on dealing with people you know or through mouth publicity. However, on the other hand, a Business website gives you exposure and helps you deal with a complete market. It widens your reach and creates leads. It gives you credibility and makes you look trustworthy.

The business website is a platform where you can put up a description of your business, what you do, how you do, and your team associates. It helps you display your work credentials and gain trustworthy chances from potential clients.

It gives you an advantage over your competitors and also helps you to build a strong customer relationship.  The business website helps you analyze market trends and changes required for better results. It also gives you an advantage over cost-cutting too. It is similar to having a big store without paying heavy rent and/or for heavy marketing. You can generate leads through ad campaigns redirecting your clients to your website landing pages.

It is vital to understand the strategies and clarify the functions that you want to be performed through your business websites, logically. 

Purpose of having a Professional/Personal website

Personal websites are not created to run full-fledged businesses. Personal websites are used by professionals or individuals to showcase their work and talent.

For professionals, websites work as testimonials that help increase their credibility. However, for individuals, websites are a platform to showcase their talent or experience that helps them gain recognition. Professionals like Architects, Programmers, Lawyers, and Designers may use their websites to solicit work or employment.

Personal websites are used as blogs more often to share their skills, passion, experience, and related stuff. 

Need a Business or Personal website? 

So if you are waiting for the right time to seize this opportunity and start your online journey towards betterment, the time is now.

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